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Showcase KING 1.0 AT

Showcase KING
Showcase KING
Showcase KING
Showcase KING
Showcase KING
Showcase KING
Showcase KING
Showcase KING
Showcase KING
Showcase KING
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Showcase KING 1.0 AT

Cold showcase KING 1000 mm. Temperature range +1ºC/+10ºC

  • Saadavus: Saadavus
  • Bränd: IGLOO
  • Model: KG100AT
Maksudeta: 4 059.00€
with VAT (21%): 
4 911.39€
SUURUS W / D / H1000 / 890 / 2170 +/-10
VÕIM9,3 kWh/24h
MÄRKUSEDRefrigerant/Cooling factor: R404a / R507 / R448 / R449


KING AT is a cold display for small shops, as well as supermarkets and large stores. The unit uses an unusual thermostat location in the back wall of the rack, which frees up space for an additional row of shelves. With a choice of colors and a backlit top advertising panel, the KING AT fits any interior. Possibility of connection of several showcases in a row. 

Standard equipment PLUG-IN

  • energy efficient cooling aggregate HITACHI placed on the back of the device
  • dynamic cooling (ventilated)
  • insulated side panels made of white coated steel - thickness : 40 mm
  • ecological polyurethane foam insulation
  • front bottom panel made of coated steel - different colors available
  • opened top panel illuminated with LED lightining - different plexiglass colors available
  • upper interior lighting - fluorescent LED (selectable colour - white, confectionery or meat)
  • interior and exposition shelves made of coated steel - different colors available
  • 6 levels of display shelves with possibility to change the hanging height and angle + lower base shelf
  • price stripes – different colors available
  • night roller blind
  • automatic defrost
  • automatic condensate pump (up to 0,6m height)
  • electronic temperature controller with digital display
  • condenser impurity or fan operation failure alarm
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