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Pesuvahendi kohvimasinad

Pesuvahendi kohvimasinad  Kohviautomaatide puhastamine ja katlakivi eemaldamine tabletid ja pulbrid

Bränd: LF Model: BHS0804000
Brush with specially developed strong bristles, intended for removing coffee, cleaning the group....
with VAT (21%):  4.71€
Bränd: Puly Caff Model: 1000853
A tool for removing espresso machines from limestone. Ideally removes coffee residue from the group, valve and water system. Releases water contaminants and sediments. Package 370 gr....
with VAT (21%):  7.49€
Bränd: Puly Caff Model: BHS1000855
Pullver for limestone removal. Ideally removes coffee from the group, valve. Releases water contaminants and sediments. For Espresso machines. Package 10 x 20 g...
with VAT (21%):  8.46€
Bränd: Puly Caff Model: 0411000
Powder for removing limestone for boilers, tens. Ideal for decalcifying coffee machines. Regular use of chemistry prevents the block of equipment from blocking. Package 10 x 30 gr....
with VAT (21%):  9.67€
Bränd: Puly Caff Model: 0570000
Sprei kohviautomaadi pinna puhastamiseks, sobib ka kohviveskitele ja eriti hästi kohviubade hoidmiseks mõeldud anumatele. Ei tekita vahtu. Puhastab desinfitseerides ükskõik millisel pinnal. Loputada pole vaja. Puhastab hästi kõiki pindu: marmorit, plastikut, klaasi, peeglit, WC-d, lõikelaudu...
with VAT (21%):  10.76€
Bränd: Puly Caff Model: 1000205
Free from gluten. Special cleaner coffee grinder cleaner and blower sharpener with active eco-friendly ingredients. After use, the aroma and taste of the coffee will improve. destroys odors and odors absorbs oil residues. There is no allergic substance. It is desirable to use one sachet after ev...
with VAT (21%):  10.88€
Bränd: Puly Caff Model: 086600
Tablets for the removal of limestone. Ideally removes coffee from the group, valve. Releases water contaminants and sediments. Economical, packed 100 x 1 gram pills....
with VAT (21%):  12.57€
Bränd: Puly Caff Model: BHS0870000
Puly Milk Powder Capper and Strainer Cleaner. Prevents milk protein build-up. Rinse and disinfect the milk tubes for all coffee machines. Prevents clogging of milk jets after a maintenance milk foam creates a completely different content. Please ask and consult BHS.LV Capacity 1000 ml....
with VAT (21%):  13.30€
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